3 Ways to keep your kids healthy while flying.

We all know that there is NOTHING that will guarantee your kiddo won’t get sick.  I’ve found these three things go a long way in making sure your germ magnets (kids) have an enjoyable family vacay.

1.Disinfecting Wipes- It doesn’t matter what brand you use as long as the package says it kills 99% of all germs you’re good. We all know they want to lay on, grab, touch and even lick EVERYTHING. Make sure you wipe off every hard surface within reach . For example the TV, window shade, arm rests, and seat belt buckle. You get the point.

2. Eat Bland Bland Bland-

Eat Bland, Bland, Bland- Cheese burgers and fries at the airport are tempting but try to avoid them; especially for longer flights.  Fatty foods and long flights are not a good combo.  A belly filled with gas is  not good for anyone. Especially if you’re the one that has to continually take them to the lovely airplane bathroom.  Try to keep their meals as healthy as possible and those little tummies will thank you later!

3. Water, water and more water – High altitudes and low cabin humidity lowers resistance to germs.  Staying hydrated is essential to combating the dryness and recycled air.  Have your little one stick to water as much as possible. They’ll get off the plane happier and it will help them fight off those pesky germs.

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